b. 1991, Wuhan, China

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. – M.F.A. Studio Art, 2017-2019

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, U.S.A. – B.S. General Social Science, 2010-2015


My work is influenced by my childhood memories and traumatic experiences.

Born and raised in the period of modern China's rapid urbanization, I witnessed how my hometown city, Wuhan, where people also call it the Chicago of China, was reshaping both the ecological environment and the cultural fabric; I saw numerous people sacrifice their ritual lives during the process of urban modernization, and their stories finally faded.

In my acrylic paintings and video animation, I utilize a faceless, black short haircut girl with red skin, as the main character travels between different dramatic places. She walks around the city seeing those progress and sacrifice, she is a witness as well as a reminder.